SEEPACS Engineering Limited was incorporated in Ghana on 8th April, 2009 to undertake works in Electrical, Air-conditioning and Plumbing installations, as well as sustainable Energy and Security Equipments.

SEEPACS an associate company of Consar Ltd, primarily undertakes contracts from Institutions/Organizations, Private Individuals, and Building Construction Firms in Electrical, Plumbing, Air-condition, and Security Equipment Installations. Notable major works undertaken before registering in Ghana was the Rehabilitation of the Baba Yara Sports Stadium, Kumasi. etc.

The Managing Director is an Electrical Engineer, Specialized in Sustainable Energy and Security Systems Equipments, Air-conditioning, Plumbing and Industrial Plants/Generator Installations with proven records in Europe (Italy) since 1994.

He owned an Electrical Company called RITEL di LA SUSA. for the past 6 years before establishing himself in Ghana. He was further awarded with several jobs in Italy in sectors like the Prisons, Harbour, Hotels, and Private contracts.

SEEPACS is committed to delivering quality works and to give value for money to our dear clients.